Appointment for hormonal preparation for pregnancy

The endocrine system develops at a late stage on an embryo.

Women should go through pregnancy preparation, and be mindful that any disequilibrium that might be present can get transmitted to the unborn child. We should watch out for any alterations that the unborn child can also have from early age.

Preparing the pregnancy in a hormonal point of view is fundamental to remedy avoidable risks to the mother and the baby.

Few pregnant ladies are screened on the functioning of thyroid for example, and we know the elevated importance of this hormone in the future development of the unborn child and the child to be. Check here or here for OTHER NEWS

It is also known for example that mothers with a vitamin D deficit (a hormone in reality) will generate a higher percentage of autistic children.

The mother’s care with diet are fundamental as pesticides, insecticides, preservatives and additives work as “endocrine disruptors”. Alarming a future mother to the existence of these endocrine disruptors is fundamental, as the embryo is under development. Vegetarian mothers have higher percentage of children with hypospadias.

This appointment has the duration of an hour, it is directed to the couple and within it is prescribed pre-pregnancy exams that are necessary, it is given essential advices for hormonal equilibrium and any doubts that the couple might have are clarified, as well as the a medical summary of both parents to be.

We have been dedicating our work for over 18 years to pregnant women as well.


By doing your hormonal profile you will know your biological age, you can begin to focus on prevention, improving your quality of life and eventually extending your longevity.