Why taking it?

The conduction of a hormonal profile in women is even more important than in men, given the abrupt hormonal decrease that is verified among women.

Signs such as irritability, anxiety, sleep disturbance, low libido, breast tension, the so called “hot flushes” (intense heat sensation), the emergence of menstruation periods more extended and fibromas, are symptoms and signs of initial hormonal disequilibrium in women. It is very important that women do not ignore these symptoms, as these reflect a hormonal disequilibrium and the risk of developing breast and uterine pathology. It is believed that the relation between hormones and cancer is only due to the fact of hormonal disequilibrium not being address in a balanced way.

When to conduct it?

Correctly, around the 30s, women should conduct a hormonal “photography”. The importance of knowing our hormonal levels in this period, is due to the increased interest in not exceeding the levels when going through the realization of hormonal compensation therapy (HT), later in future.

For example a state of exceeded estradiol not compensated with progesterone can origin breast and uterine diseases.
In fact, the hormones in our body are like a harmonious orchestra, in which there has to be tune and equilibrium in between the different elements that compose it.

The TH should be conducted as soon as the initial symptoms appear. The laboratory has a fundamental role in diagnosing the hormonal deficit, conducted by clinic history, signs and symptoms observed within the patient and the laboratory’s confirmation.

Given the large gap of interval among the exams’ references, that covers around 95% of the population for that gender and age, the interpretation should be taken care of and a critical sense should be used, giving more importance to the clinic rather than the discrepancy.

The first hormone to decrease in women is progesterone and DHEA, which leads to the typical alterations of the climacteric, a lot of times, premature. The hormones exist naturally in our body. The gradual decrease in the levels of hormones and its disequilibrium favour the emergence of multiple pathology, being related to the already referred D. of Alzheimer, the cardiovascular pathology, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, etc.
To prevent is to protect. Do your hormonal profile as soon as possible and at the first alarming symptom take an anti-aging appointment

How can I do it?

You should take a blood sample and bring a urine sample taken within the last 24h. The sample should be completed in a determined timing.

The therapies used by us are therapies with bioidentical hormones, of similar structure of the ones naturally produced by our body, which eases its action, has less side effects and minimises any harm to the liver.

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By doing your hormonal profile you will know your biological age, you can begin to focus on prevention, improving your quality of life and eventually extending your longevity.
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