Hormonal Modulation Appointment

Within the last decade, the concept of “health” has been redefined as living in full, with happiness and vitality, to keep a sane mind in a young body.
Studies worldwide demonstrate clearly that people from their 40s, start to decrease their hormonal levels, keeping it bellow the necessary to keep healthy. Men and women, both need a balance of oestrogen, testosterone, thyroid hormones, DHEA, cortisol, and many other hormones. Each hormone develops a function that is complementary of others and indispensable to the maintenance of a healthy state. When the levels of these hormones begin to decrease, it is initiated the process of ageing. It is observed a decrease in libido, reduced energy, increased body fat, bone fragility, osteoporosis, skin and tissue flaccidness, loss of memory, cardiovascular alterations, sleep disturbance and many other symptoms.

The importance of hormones for ageing

OESTROGENS– help to protect against cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer, urinary incontinence. Its presence in great levels increase libido, skin elasticity, emotional wellbeing quality of sleep, cognitive functions, memory, digestive and sense functions.

PROGESTERONE– helps to monitor mood, regulates the balance with other hormones. It has an “anti-oestrogen” function and diuretic. The disequilibrium of progesterone/estradiol is responsible for the formation of cysts and breast and uterine diseases. It is the first hormone to reduce in women, as is DHEA.

TESTOSTERONE– improves libido, energy, increases the sense of wellbeing, tones the bones, increases the muscle mass, helps the tonicity of muscles, the functioning of the brain and the health of the heart.

DHEA– along with cortisol, it protects us from stress. It is the hormone of “wellbeing”. Improves the libido, the immune system, the memory, protect us from cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer, osteoporosis. Furthermore, it protect us from wrinkles and dryness of the eyes.

CORTISOL– helps to control the blood pressure, increases energy and the metabolism, as well as it helps the body fighting against stress and infections.

All of these changes in our body affect deeply our self-esteem, due to the changes that our body and image suffer, up until now accepted changes as unavoidable. Today it is acceptable the low level of hormones and the disequilibrium within it is likely to be the origin of numerous diseases.

The advance in preventive and anti-ageing Medicine, proposes to us a better quality of life. The anti-ageing medicine is not the elixir of youth, neither has the objective of increasing more years to our lifetime. What we want is to improve the quality of life during the years that we have to live. Extended life, sometimes at the sacrifice of keeping a disease, is what we do many times, and this is not our objective.

Hormonal replacement, if indicated after previous laboratory exams, is conducted with small quantities of hormones, never exceeding the physiological values. What is aimed is to “help” the gland and not to “inhibit” which would happen with supressing physiological doses.

Always when possible, we utilize bioidentical hormones, by means, with identic structure to our body, therefore it recognises it and metabolises it minimising any side effect. When possible, transdermal, to save the liver.

It is never prescribed hormones unless it is necessary, there is a regular analytical control of the therapy conducted.

There is the need to not underestimate the nutrition side, which is fundamental to our physical and psychological balance. Bad eating habits are within the cause of many hormonal disequilibrium.

It is important to remember as well that our minds control our bodies and from that to attempt to live a calming lifestyle, serene, many times a balance that we are only able to reach through a permanent programme of dietetic measures with the right nutrition, work out plan and medical control of your health with monitoring of the hormonal levels that inevitably will decrease with ageing.


t is not worth going through a hormonal replacement if we do not support it with the correct diet and a regular workout plan adequate to your needs. Therefore, we also provide appointments in nutrition and physical exercise, if indicated.

The first appointment lasts for approximately one hour, two hours in case you need to bring all of the necessary exams that you can check here. You should be prepared to be with us for this period of time with no stress.

The wish to change your life has to come from yourself. The feeling of heaviness throughout the years, can be delayed today in a safety manner, through anti-ageing medicine.
The frequency of the evaluation depends on each situation, but in average the second appointment is towards the end of two months and the following every six months or yearly. The anti-ageing programme aims to teach you on how to control your health better.

Fill in the hormonal replacement questionnaire and you can book an appointment by calling 217993338

Anti-ageing programme:

  • The first appointment will be for the evaluation of the general health state and for the prescription of the exams to be conducted. The second appointment will be scheduled for approximately 3 weeks following this, period in which all of the requested exams should be completed BLOOD_SAMPLING.pdf
  • You should fill in the hormonal replacement questionnaire given on the scheduling of the appointment and it should be brought on the day of the appointment. This questionnaire has 18 pages and covers all of the points that are important and that have impact in the process of senescence.
  • The anti-ageing appointment will be conducted during the predicted period of approximately one to two hours, therefore, you should be prepared to stay with us during this period with no “stress”


By doing your hormonal profile you will know your biological age, you can begin to focus on prevention, improving your quality of life and eventually extending your longevity.