A life changer.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2015, after several years where symptoms made daily life difficult but doctors consulted back then considered them due to stress or lack of vitamins.

I was initially treated with Eutirox, which worked for the first 6 months. After that I started re-experiencing the same symptoms again – constant fatigue, brain fog, weak memory, body weakness, digestive issues. In the meanwhile I moved to Portugal, and I started researching options and alternatives to treat effectively thyroid diseases. The constant fatigue kept making daily tasks a struggle, I had to take two naps a day, morning and afternoon, as I was falling asleep at work or home. I had no energy for social activities I used to enjoy and all I could think of was resting.

Through reading and researching I had identified bio-identical hormones as a possible solution to my condition, as well as making dietary changing eliminating gluten and lactose from my diet.

I found Dr Mirpuri’s website, read about her approach to thyroid treatment and hormonal conditions and booked an appointment. She changed my thyroid treatment to natural dried thyroid which combines all thyroid hormones, adding after a few months also T3. One month after starting this combined therapy I started seeing significant changes to my conditions. My brain was clear, memory improved, no more day-long fatigue and untimely naps. My digestion also improved. I could resume working full time with energy and mental sharpness, could practise sport without feeling constantly tired.

Dr Mirpuri also adjusted other hormonal treatments to my specific conditions, and I am seeing significant improvements overall. I have to continue working to improve other health issues.

Meeting Dr Mirpuri and following her treatment and recommendations has been a real life changer for me and I would never recommend her enough. She is an open minded doctor, she listens to her patients, she considers our symptoms and goes deep into searching what is behind our conditions.”

LUISA, 47 years old

“I was taking T4 for years and did not feel any better, still having the same symptoms. After switching to T3+T4 (Natural Dissecated Thyroid) and finding the right dose for me I very quickly noticed man improvements and now I feel really good.”

ANTONIE, 47 years old  

“I started treatment with Dra Ivone Mirpuri in September 2015.

Prior to this time I had been suffering greatly and went from being an active, young attractive woman with her own business to being a self loathing mess!

I had a hysterectomy some years before and was on estradiol in tablet format. I was feeling so low with depression, weight gain, forgetfulness, low libido and generally feeling like an old woman. I had only just turned 40, how could this be?

I decided that educating myself was on the only way forward and thus started my journey on bioidentical hormones. I went to the States often to see family and friends and read many good reports about this treatment so I decided to look into it in more detail. I found Doctor Ivone and made my appointment accordingly.

I was quite apprehensive at first and my first consultation was in depth. There were various tests and procedures to do prior to starting any medication, and Dra Ivone was very thorough She went through all my past medical history in minute detail.

I started on bio identical hormone treatment in the form of estradiol gel, with progesterone as well as testosterone therapy. I had never taken progesterone before, or even been recommended to do so. I immediately felt the benefit, and for the first time in years I slept well.

Unfortunately it took time to feel well again as Dr Ivone discovered I also had a thyroid problem. I visited many doctors before, all said there was no thyroid issue as my blood tests were “normal”. It was suggested I was depressed and should start therapy for this to make myself better. I was not depressed but literally crying out for a doctor to listen to me! Being a highly educated woman it was not pleasant to be treated like a naughty child for daring to question alternative therapies.

It is almost a year since I saw Dr Ivone, I am now on bio identical sex hormones as well as natural desiccated thyroid medication and I can honestly say I have never felt better.  My weight is beginning to stabilise and I have energy to do things I would not have dreamed of before! I am no longer feeling depressed or low and can function well. This for me is like a light has been turned on in a dark room.

I am so grateful to have found a doctor that listened and worked with me where others would not. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. We are not statistics but human beings, and should be treated as such.”

VIC, 44 years old  

Approximately 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. Along with very irregular menstruation periods, my hair began to fall, my skin got acne, I had mood swings frequently and worst than all was the increased risk of developing other diseases, as serious as Type 2 Diabetes and endometrium cancer.

After several treatments that were not successful and even cause side effects, I looked for Dr. Ivone Mirpuri. With a few changes in my eating habits, regular workout, good rest and dietary supplementation, my ovaries regularised and I started to menstruate regularly again.
Today, a year after completing the treatment with Dr. Ivone, I feel better than ever, my skin improved, my hair looks great, I am healthier and better than all, my ovaries stopped being polycystic.

I would like to thank a lot Dr Ivone for everything that she has being doing for me, for her great work ethic, knowledge, caring and availability.

LEONOR, 30 years old  


Nearly a year ago, I felt depressive, tired and drained. I could feel the weight of my age – and the age in the weight. But I didn’t feel like getting comfortable with the idea that “there was nothing left to do but accept it.”
I started being monitored by Dr. Ivone, who made me reflect in the ways that our body functions and how we harm it without realizing it.
Today I follow – almost – by heart her advices and I feel an undeniable difference. I feel more active, in a better mood but also very peaceful. I work out almost everyday with my daughters, aged 16 and 19 years old and they can notice that I have more resistance, more strength and more motivation than them.
I started feeling the 30s energy but with the maturity and calm of the 47s.

SOFIA, 47 years old 


After 8 years of taking contraceptive pill without any interruptions (following the guidelines of my gynaecologist) I decided to stop taking it. During a year, I did not menstruate and no doctors presented me a solution that did not involve retaking the pill. I went to Dr. Ivone after being recommended by a friend that had the same problem. Dr. Ivone helped me to understand what was happening with my body and to analyse the results of the exams that I did. With Dr. Ivone’s recommendations, and without having to go for the pills, I was able to have my menstruation back in a natural way, within a couple of months. On the top of that, I have felt differences on my ability to focus, on my skin condition and my wellbeing overall. I believe there are few doctors capable of having such a complete approach as Dr. Ivone has when it comes to hormones and the wellbeing of women.

RITA, 25 years old 


I went to Dr. Mirpuri’s appointment after realising that my menopause was being too aggressive. Several physical and psychological factors were surely reducing my quality of life and ability to work.
I had already the opinion of my gynaecologist and other doctors that are friends of mine in the sense of having hormonal compensation, and in conversations about the topic, I got referenced to Dr. Ivone, in the Av. Da República.
After a year of treatment I feel healthier, with more energy, better quality of life and improved my sleep pattern. I felt again more professionally competent, something that I thought I had lost.

At the age of 54, I still have 3 children at home and a mother to take care of. Professionally, I work in a commercial communication company and have a catering business that I support, and my financial reality requires me to work. As so, when starting to feel my ageing process in a vile way, in which the bone decompensation lead me to a temporary incapacity of work, I understood that I had the need to seek for competent help.
I found the explanation, the treatment and the support that I needed with Dr. Mirpuri. My objective was to stop, or to control what was deteriorating and causing my body to age in such a fast way.
I managed to reach my objective and on the top of that, I gain a healthier approach to maintain in life. The hormonal compensation that I do, as it is prescribed (Progesterone) same as when I did the therapies for the in-vito fertilisations, are to me a sensation of wellbeing that I thought I had lost. I am more lucid, more controlled. I sleep very well without the help of anti-depressants.
At the same time I began to have another dynamic in life, with less stress and more control over what I eat. I also make dietary compensation monitored by Dr. Mirpuri.

My body, slowly, has recovered its vitality and I managed to get back to practicing sports regularly. Before, I thought I would never be able to workout again.
I believe that the treatment, the recommendations and the care of Dr. Mirpuri are essential for my quality of life and with it I was able to achieve better results than with treatments I had taken previously.
The respect for age, wrinkles and for the normal decline in life are important for me, but the acceptance of these facts without depression and with strength, make ageing a proud and dignifying phase of life.

ASSUNÇÃO, 54 years old 


Good morning, I believe it is important to testify about the best quality of life I have had, since I began in January 2017 this hormonal compensation treatment combined with supplementary diet and changes in my lifestyle, dietary and physical exercise wise.
I am 61 years old, just turned in March 2017, have had a thyroid carcinoma over 12 years ago. Twelve years ago was also when I initiated menopause.
I don’t know how to organise my testimony but I will run through the symptoms one by one.
I used to wake up several times during the night to go to the toilet and to drink a glass of water that I would place always on my bedside table. I started sleeping non-stop and the glass would stay there full everyday.
I suffered from urinary incontinence, when jumping, when running, I practiced gymnastics sometimes and suddenly I would feel afflicted and would loose control during sexual intercourse. Everyday I had a patch even if thin due to the incontinence, well, it was a disturbing.

It is amazing that I managed to get back control, to have the freedom of dressing swimwear and not being worried about nothing, not having to wear a patch and feeling worriless, without having to be alarmed over smells or wet clothes. I used to weight 97kgs which meant, lack of mobility, knee and joint pain, lack of self-esteem, tendency for high blood pressure.
Now I weight 79kg and the pains are gone, I no longer have high blood pressure and gain more energy and self-esteem.

Ever since I went under surgery for my thyroid in 2005, after a while I got gastro-oesophageal reflux and started taking omeprazole everyday for these 12 years with all the side effects that it does have to our future ageing process.
Since I started taking bioidentical hormone for my thyroid, I was able to stop taking omeprazole without experiencing anymore symptoms of heartburn, something that even myself could not believe but it happen and it was my confidence on Dr. Ivone that gave me the strength to do it.

The skin, the mood, the hair and I dare to say that the lips were getting too thin during the ageing process, which is something that changes our smile (it was never too thick) but improved a lot now.
The mood to have sexual intercourse wasn’t much and reaching an orgasm was very hard, vaginal dryness I have never had.
All of these changed to better, much better.
What else can I say? It was the best decision that I took last year, I improved my quality of life, my health, I gained energy, self-esteem and will continue to follow the guidance and treatments of Dr. Ivone.
Thank you doctor, for everything that you have done for me and for the affection that you have in what you do.

CONCEIÇÃO, 61 years old 


I came this way to express my deep thankfulness to this Lady, Doctor Ivone Mirpuri for her work ethic, know-how and affection given towards myself.
I have been diagnosed serious endometriosis back in 2012.
I was seen by several national specialists in this condition, and the only treatment proposed was always total hysterectomy and to take synthetic hormones. As always, I denied going through hysterectomy and taking synthetic hormones cause me harmful side effects to the body (and soul, as well!), the disease progressed to the point of compromising my piriformis muscle and sciatic nerve. At the moment, after hormonal modulation and consumption of the supplements adequate for this situation and prescribed by Doctor Ivone Mirpuri, I find myself with no symptomology (the vile pains that I felt disappeared) without any side effects.

I wish all the best to Doctor Ivone Mirpuri, as she makes the difference in the health of women!

MARTA, 43 years old 


I looked for Dr. Ivone Mirpuri, my colleague, because I have lost the “strength” a couple of years ago: lack of vitality, low libido, genital mucous dryness, etc.
I am very happy with the results: by the second month of hormonal replacement therapy, the genital mucous gain “healthy” moisture again, the libido increased and I started noticing men again! :))” M.C.

Manuela, 57 years old