The Medical Clinic Dr Ivone Mirpuri joins the global policies of privatization of users information. This declaration explains how is the protection of all the users’ data of the website
When browsing in this website, you agree with this document and subscribe it. Other websites that might have hyperlinks with the website of the Medical Clinic Dr Ivone Mirpuri might not function among this Privacy Declaration. For this reason, our users should always consult the respective privacy policies before sharing any personal data.

This document might be modified at any moment by specific privacy declarations for certain areas of the website.
If our visitors have any doubt about this Privacy Declaration, should contact us by the information provided on the Contacts’ section.

Gathering of Information

As a visitor, you do not have to supply any personal information when visiting our website. We only collect identifiable personal data that are specific and voluntarily supplied by our users. These information can include name, telephone number and e-mail address, among many other examples.

It is also possible to store and maintain any content presented by visitants in blogs, forums and social media or services that we might supply. We do not collect sensible information, such as data related to race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, mental or physical health and sexual orientation.

Information of register, web beacons and cookies

Our website collect pattern information requested in websites registers. The IP address, the type of browser, origin language and time and date of access, these are only a couple of examples.

To ensure that you have a simple browsing experience, it is necessary to access the cookies (reduced text files archived on a user’s browser) or to the web beacons (electronic images that allow the website to count the number of visitors that access a certain page).

Use of Data

Our visitors can supply personal data to access certain contents or to request information about specific areas. In both cases, the supplied information by the users will serve to answer correctly to the requests and to adapt and improve the site and its respective services.

This information might be used in marketing campaigns and to send convenient advertisement.

Personal information can equally be used to protect our intellectual rights and other visitors in regards to legal processes.

Sharing of Information to Third-Parties

Some information can be shared to legal identities, when desired or necessary for the obligations or legal requests to be complied.
To share data in our website, visitors agree compulsory to the previously described terms

Blogs, Forums and Other Social Media

The website can accommodate blogs and other applications and services classified, as per example social media, so that there is sharing of content (all the social platforms are included).

Any published message by our visitors, with personal data or of other nature, published by social media can be read, utilized and collected by third-parties, because we have reduced or no control over these interactions.

We are not responsible for the inadequate content that users might publish through social media.

Access to Information

Whoever wants to access data, update information or exit sending registers of our communication channels, should contact webmaster services, through our Contacts area.

We compromise to treat the requests in order to have access to data or alter information, respecting the applied legal requests.

Security of Information

We have reasonable levels of standard technology to protect the present data for users and to unable inadequate use, modification, sharing and destruction.

Alterations on Privacy Policy

Whenever necessary, the Medical Clinic Dr Ivone Mirpuri can rectify or modify this Declaration. In this case, the revision date that is in this page can be altered. For this reason, we suggest that you make a periodic revision to this document, so that you keep updated.

Privacy Protection related to Under-Age

We recognize the importance of privacy protection on children in the Internet. Therefore, the website covered by this privacy policy is not made for the use of children aged under 13 years old. We do not collect or maintain any intentional information about people aged under 13 years old.

Data Retention

The Medical Clinic Dr Ivone Mirpuri will not keep your personal data for longer than necessary after being accomplished the objectives that it was collected for.

Cancellations and subscriptions

The newsletters sent by electronic mail have instructions about the method of cancellation of the subscriptions.
Personal information collected offline
We do what is possible to develop concise privacy practices for personal information, regardless of the method used for its collection.

Users Questions

Whenever our visitors have a doubt about their privacy on the website’s browsing, they can send it to the webmaster’s services, as shown at the Contacts section.

Policy of cookies

Cookies are small files of text that a website inserts on users’ computers or mobile devices through the Internet browser

Cookies allow the website to identify a certain device in a new visit. It does not collect information that can identify the user, as it only gathers general data, such as region of the country in which users access the website.

Furthermore, cookies save information related to the preferences of visitors.
At any moment, and through the browser, the users can be notified of the reception of cookies and avoid its entrance on the system.

The denial of cookies might unable the access to certain areas of the website and the sending of personalised information.

What is the function of cookies?
This type of files help to determinate the utility, interest and quantity of use of the website. Cookies help towards a more efficient and quick navigation. This way, it is not necessary to write constantly the same information.

What kind of cookies can we use?

  • Essential Cookies: allow the navigation on the website and the use of its applications. Without these cookies, services that request it might not be conducted.
  • Analytical Cookies: are very important to analyse how Internet users use the website and to monitor its performance. These kind of files contribute towards the quality of the work, as it personalizes the offer of the website and identifies and corrects efficiently all the issues.

Let’s have a look at the example of performance cookies. With these files, we are able to identify which pages are popular, what is the method of connection among more efficient pages or what is the reason for certain pages to have error warnings. These cookies outstand services and articles of the website, that in our opinion, are interesting for visitors.

  • Functionality Cookies: remember the preferences of Internet users so that it is not necessary to re-set the website every time you access it.
  • Permanent Cookies: remain stored on the browser and in certain access devices (PC, Tablet and Mobile). It is utilized when an user visits a website again. In general it directs the navigation, following the interests of the user, helping towards a more personalized service.
  • Session Cookies: remain on the browser until exit of the website. Thanks to information provided by these cookies, it is possible to identify issues and ensure the quality of navigation.

Can the use of cookies be blocked?
Yes. As long as you follow a few steps on the «How to manage cookies»(see bellow).
It is worth remembering that blocking cookies unable certain parts of the site to function adequately.

How to manage cookies
Through the definitions on your browser, users can accept, refuse or eliminate cookies.
If there is a inactivation of cookies, certain services can function incorrectly. Therefore, the navigation on the website can be partially affected or even totally.

Google Chrome
By predefinition, all the cookies can be allowed. However, Internet users can adjust this definition.

Follow the bellow steps:

  • Select the Chrome menu, on the tools section of the browser.
  • Click on «Definitions».
  • Choose «Show advanced definitions».
  • Pick «Content Definitions», at the «Privacy» section.
  • Select the option «Block definition of data by websites»
  • Alter the following definitions of the cookies section «Cookies»
  • Eliminate cookies by predefinition
  • Allow cookies by predefinition
  • Maintain cookies and data of the website by predefinition until the user exit the site.
  • Create exceptions for website cookies and specific domains.

We take the opportunity to remind you that there are diverse levels of activation and deactivation of cookies on Google Chrome. Read more information.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
For the deactivation, you have to:

  • Select menu «Tools» and pick – Internet Options.
  • Choose «Privacy»
  • Lead the tab to the top and find the option to «Block all cookies»
  • We take the opportunity to remind you that there are diverse levels of activation and deactivation of cookies on Internet Explorer. Read more information.

    Mozilla Firefox
    To deactivate cookies, it is necessary to:

    • Select menu «Tools»
    • Pick «Options»
    • Click «Privacy», that is on the up level tab.
    • Deactivate the option «Accept cookies of all websites», that is on the «Cookies» section.
    • Click on «OK» for your alterations to be saved. After this you can exit.

    We take the opportunity to remind you that there are diverse levels of activation and deactivation of cookies on Mozilla Firefox. Read more information.

    To deactivate cookies, it is necessary to:

    • Click «Edit»
    • Opt for «Preferences»
    • Choose «Privacy» among the up tab
    • Select «Never» on the section «Accept Cookies».

    We take the opportunity to remind you that there are diverse levels of activation and deactivation of cookies on Safari. Read more information.

    Other browsers

    • Select on the «Help» menu on your browser.
    • Alternatively, get in contact with the supplier of your browser.