Dra Ivone Mirpuri

Doctor graduated in Medicine with a Distinction classification. Specialized in Pathology since 1991, by the hospital career and the Portuguese Medical Association, conducted her specialization in Anti-Ageing Medicine at Hertoghe Medical School, located in Brussels, well known training centre for hormonal anti-ageing practices in whole Europe and its official specialization of World Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine and of International Hormone Society.
Nevertheless, completed a medical training and certification in anti-ageing medicine at Cenegenics, Las Vegas. Cenegenics was founded in 1997 and it was the pioneer institution in the development of anti-ageing medicine, being a worldwide known authority for its vast experience in the field. Cenegenics is affiliated to the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine and the University of Nevada, School of Medicine, Las Vegas.
Dr Ivone Mirpuri collaborates with some magazines in the elaboration of articles related to anti-ageing medicine.
She follows the “state of the art” in regards to this field, being present at scientific meetings and worldwide congresses in this field.
She is a member of the World Society of Anti-ageing Medicine as well as a member of the International Hormone Society.
Being a Pathology Clinic doctor by formation specialized in Anti-ageing medicine, she currently dedicates 100% of her medical activity to Anti-ageing/Hormonal Modulation, which she started the practice in 2009, retiring from her Clinical Pathology medical practice.
Dr Ivone Mirpuri also dedicates herself to teaching this specialization, by conducting conferences and courses for doctors. She has created a Group of Anti-Ageing Medicine Studies (GEMAE). For more information access www.gemae.pt.
She conducts her clinical practice in Lisbon www.draivonemirpuri.pt
Medical Advisor Mirpuri Foundation www.mirpurifoundation.org.