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So, does coffee do you good or not? Is drinking alcohol reasonably harmful as well? And what about chocolate and cokes? And the bottled juices and sodas? If consumed daily, the caffeine drinks, sodas or bottled juices and alcohol have toxic effects to the human body.   CAFFEINE Quantity of caffeine per 150ml of drink: Filtered coffee – 115mg Espresso – 220mg Instant -  60mg Decaffeinated - 1mg Blac... Ler mais


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I always have cold hands and feet, ease to put weight on and constipation. I always wake up with swollen face and eyes, as well as have a lot of joints pain. Lately, I have been feeling more depressed. Could I be suffering a thyroid disorder? Yes. The thyroid condition is very frequent. A study published in 1997 by Mayo Clinic, revealed that 60% of the autopsies made revealed that the bodies had thyroid conditions and that 50% of the patients ra... Ler mais


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Only approximately 30% of the women at their menopause suffer from menopausal flushes. However, without hormonal treatment, all will have vaginal dryness, mucosal atrophy, urinary incontinence, low libido, more skin and body flaccidness, loss of muscle mass, to not mention the cognitive side, loss and lack of focus and memory. All of these, associated to the lack of sleep and the downgrade in quality of life in this lifetime period for women. Thi... Ler mais

What is anti-ageing medicine?

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Anti-aging medicine is a type of preventive medicine, which aims to provide people with a better quality of life by delaying the signs and symptoms equated with aging. Anti-aging medicine is not the elixir of youth, nor does it intend to add years to life expectancy. Our goal is to improve quality of life given the years one has to live. Prolonging life, often means extending the suffering that comes with illness so common as we age, and that is... Ler mais

Hormones and Cancer

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I’m going to attempt to explain briefly why I believe that the eventual issue and potential relationship between cancer and hormones (non bioidentical) will never reach a consensus. Firstly, we have to consider a fact that we probably never think of: we only talk about “positive” studies, by means, studies that have concluded that cancer increases with the use of hormones (in this case, non bioidentical hormones). Studies where there was never fo... Ler mais