Publicado por DigitalConnection no dia 3.05.2018

The issue seems to not have an end since the conducted and incorrectly interpreted studies of WHI. The hormones do not lead to the appearance of a cancer “again”. Before introducing any hormonal therapy, both women and men, need to take exams to ensure beforehand of the non-existence of a genital tumour. This is made because if there is already a development of a genital tumour (breast, uterus or prostate), the hormones will speed up its development.


In anyway, an individual in therapy is a monitored individual and the situation is traced prematurely in most of the cases. In the first year of therapy, my vigilance is tighter, as there are previous exams that might not trace an incipient tumour. Therefore there is the need to watch out, but hormones do not make cancer! That is for sure.

Hormones, more specially bioidentical ones, protect us of all the causes that can cause the risk of mortality, I repeat!

Hormones, mostly the bioidentical hormone, they balance us emotionally, release our stress and avoid cancer in reality.

There is no need to fear! We are not afraid of our hormones, so why should we be afraid of the bioidentical ones as they are the same?

The bioidentical hormones, each with their function are essential in order to keep our quality of life, our health.