Publicado por DigitalConnection no dia 3.05.2018

Bioidentical hormones, are hormones of structure identical to ours, by means, chemically are equal to the ones our body keeps.
These can be natural, if extracted of natural products, or synthetic, if produced in the laboratory.

Why Bioidentical Hormones?

The advantages of bioidentical hormones over the non bioidentical are many and easily comprehensible.
Through being hormones which structure is equal to ours, our body recognize them as making part of it. The hormones link to receptors to penetrate into the cells in order to execute their functions. These receptors recognize and adapt easily to the bioidentical hormones, something that does not happen with non bioidentical hormones as these have a different structure to our hormones.

For this reason, the actions of the bioidentical hormones are practically devoid of side effects, opposite to the non bioidentical hormones. Nevertheless, the bioidentical hormones are generally and mostly always of transdermal or intravaginal use, which makes the substances not pass directly through the liver. More importantly, by not passing through the liver, they are not metabolized, which means that they are transformed onto products that the body does not recognise, causing side effects, not accumulating in the liver, saving the organ to its essentiality in our lives.