Dear patient,
The first appointment can have the duration of one or two hours. Within the first hour, we will conduct an overall health exam, we will talk about the five pillars of the anti-ageing medicine, with the incidence of hormonal modulation, its benefits and risks explored.
Within the second hour, scheduled or not mutually, we will provide you a proposal and a therapeutic explanation. In case you do bring all of the regular exams usually necessary (see bellow), you should always schedule two hours in the case of a menopause appointment.
No other treatment can be set in this situation without a previous explanation of what will be done and how the patient should collaborate. The anti-ageing medicine is based on five pillars, which are nutrition, dietary supplementation, physical exercise, healthy lifestyle and hormonal modulation, fundamental and most always crucial.

The Following Appointments

The following appointments are of approximately one hour. There is always a lot to explain in this matter, what we will be doing accordingly to the schedule that we have. These appointments will have a variable frequency, in average after the first one, it should be two or three months later and after this, four months later. After those, it will have an increased gap overall, as after a year more or less, patients have appointments every 10 months or every year and a half.

Exams to bring

In general the necessary exams are:


X-ray Thorax PA; Abdominal and renal ultrasound, mammography and breast ultrasound with less than one year (if not aged over 40); Gynaecological ultrasound with vaginal probe and supra-pubic, done within the last 3 months; Carotid Doppler exam with measurement of the thickness of the intimate/average; Thyroid ultrasound. If you are aged over 50 years old, you should also bring a bone densitometry scan. Exams of the “hormonal profile” will be sent to your e-mail. Young women only need the thyroid ultrasound and the gynaecological one.


X-ray Thorax PA; Abdominal and renal ultrasound; Thyroid ultrasound; Carotid Doppler exam with measurement of the thickness of the intimate/average; If you are aged over 60 years old, you also need to bring a prostate ultrasound with transrectal probe. Exams of the “hormonal profile” will be sent to your e-mail.

Our Clinic

The clinical exams of the hormonal profile should be conducted preferably at Grupo Joaquim Chaves or Labco. We have a blood sampling collection unit right within the same building as our clinic, at the first floor. Do not take any blood samples without eating, please. Not fasting is sometimes a “diagnostic test”. We do not have any sort of business with any laboratory, clinic or pharmacy. We recommend these as we recognise very well the quality of their technique and they work among the areas that we are used to work with. The results are reliable and fundamental for the development of our work and our wellbeing.

Dr Joaquim Chaves’ clinic has, more than anything, a very special table for the clinic’s patients, the CDI table that should be referred at the Blood Collection Unit that you go, to benefit from it, in case the samples are not reimbursed by your sub-system by means a private identity. For the imaging exams, we recommend IMI (Medical Imaging Integrated in Portuguese), which equally and only for the imaging exams not for the analytic ones, have a special table for our private patients, a CDI table.

It also has a collection’s unit right next to our clinic, at Avenida da República, number 99. Pharmacies that have everything that we usually need:
Farmácia dos Clérigos at Porto, Farmácia Apolo 70 and Farmácia Aguiar in Lisboa.

Kind Regards,

Ivone Mirpuri