Our clinic is specialized in hormonal modulation.

The principle is that with age all of our hormonal levels begin to decrease, around 3 to 5% yearly from the age of 35, and the hormones are fundamental to our health.

In reality, hormonal modulation is one of the five pillars that lay within anti-ageing medicine, being this medicine’s aim to improve our quality of life.

The five pillars are: nutrition, physical exercise, supplementary diet, hormonal modulation and changes in lifestyle.
We work these five pillars with special attention to the hormonal modulation. With the disequilibrium of the five pillars, diseases emerge and many of them determined genetically, in fact, but it is also known that the environment has a huge impact on how our genes express it in many cases.

The anti-ageing medicine as we practice, has nothing to do with aesthetics, it is directed to the maintenance of our health in general.

Various situations like menopause, andropause, hair shredding, hirsutism and any other that should be evaluated in the hormonal point of view as only with the balance of this we can prevent or stabilize numerous diseases.